6 Top Tips For Healthy Looking Skin

If there’s one thing that you should make a conscious effort to look after, it’s your skin. After all, it’s something that you “wear every single day”.

Here are some of the things we recommend doing in order to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and youthful.

1. Apply sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days

While many of you wear it during the summer months, here’s the reality: you’ve got to wear sunscreen every day of the year, come rain or shine.

Ultraviolet rays that are the cause of sun damage and skin cancer are always present and are independent of cold or hot weather.  UVB rays are not blocked by clouds and on cloudy days, only visible rays (but not UVB rays) from the sun are blocked. The best way to protect the skin is with sun protection.

The sun’s rays are at their strongest between 10am and 4pm and a minimum of SPF 15 or 30 is recommended for everyday wear. Sunscreen will keep your face looking healthy, wrinkle-free, and youthful for years to come.

Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 in the warmer months will stop your skin from becoming dry and will slow down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin. It also helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations and to reduce the appearance of facial red veins.

Avoiding the sun and seeking shade between the hottest points in the day will give you some extra protection.

2.Stop sleeping with your makeup on

It is very important to remove makeup before going to bed as it can cause extensive damage to your skin during the night. Your skin renews itself while you sleep, and when you leave makeup on, you are preventing that from happening. That’s why it is important to use a makeup remover before going to bed, and then moisturizing your face to help your skin breathe right.

As most makeup is made of oily substances, when it stays on for the next day, it clogs your pores and leads to the appearance of more acne and blackhead breakouts. Makeup residue and the substances that make your make up can also cause many skin imperfections, when left for hours on end during the night.

3. Be aware of your skincare routine

Whether you’ve got dry, oily or combination skin, you need to be aware of which products will work better with your skin type. Make a conscious effort to do your research, read product labels and talk to professionals about the chemicals and products you should be staying away from and the ones you should be using.

In the morning, start by splashing your face with warm water or, if you must, wash with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. Apply an antioxidant serum and immediately after an eye cream and a moisturiser. Sunscreen should be the last step in your daytime skin care routine.

At Gold Angels Aesthetics our Skincare Specialists can give you expert advises and customise skin products to your skin needs.

4.Drink more water

We all know that we’re supposed to drink plenty of water but for some reason it’s something that we often don’t take as seriously as we should. Adequate hydration helps the skin to optimize circulation to the skin and toxin removal.

Drinking lots of water every day, rather than tea, coffee and sugary fizzy drinks, keeps your skin looking healthy, glowing and vibrant.

5.Clean up your diet

Looking and feeling good often begins with sorting your diet out. Make sure that you’re eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and proteins. If you fill your body with the right nutrients, then you’re giving yourself a head start on the staying youthful front.

6.Unwind and de-stress

Studies have shown that stress can make your skin more sensitive and cause acne, eczema and other skin problems. To keep your skin as healthy as possible, take every step you can to de-stress your mind and body (and skin). Get enough sleep, meditate, run a bath and don’t take your work home with you. Giving your head space to breath will stop stress from building your body and keep your skin as healthy as possible.

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