Autologous PRP Facial Mesotherapy & Why to choose it

The non-invasive Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP regeneration method is the most revolutionary method. The treatment takes advantage of the growth factors secreted by the platelets. These are proteins with regenerative and restorative properties, responsible for the repair of damaged tissues and the activation of stem cells. As our own blood is used, PRP is alternatively called “Autologous Mesotherapy”.

Thanks to its excellent performance, Autologous PRP Facial Mesotherapy finds application in a variety of cases in the field of modern Aesthetic Medicine

Autologous PRP Facial Mesotherapy & Why to choose it

Autologous PRP Facial Mesotherapy & Why to choose it


The main applications of the Platelet-Rich Plasma regeneration method are aimed at:

  • Reduction of wrinkles on the face & neck
  • Improving the oval of the face
  • Tightening the neck
  • Healing scars from burns, surgeries and wounds – Reconstruction of acne scars on face, back & chest – Superior results in just 6-8 sessions
  • Eliminate stretch marks – even the most persistent reds
  • Regeneration and tightening in areas of the body such as inside and outside the thighs, abdomen, knees and thighs.
  • Treatment of Hair Loss, Androgenetic, Diffuse or Gyroid Alopecia with impressive results of skin aging, wrinkles, scars, skin relaxation and hair loss, while gradually expanding to the full range of medical science.

The advantage of Autologous PRP Facial Mesotherapy lies in the fact that we utilize the strengths of our own body.

More specifically, to perform the PRP treatment, blood (5-15ml) is taken from the person concerned and then centrifugation is performed to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. After collection, plasma is activated by the addition of nucleotide solution (PRP with DNA activator) and calcium ions. Finally, the versatile plasma mixture is injected with the method of Mesotherapy in the areas of the skin where it needs regeneration, giving immediately and painlessly a more youthful and radiant skin. At the same time, it tightens and corrects scars and scars on the skin.

Autologous PRP Facial Mesotherapy can be applied either by injection, by plasma injection, or by using the special Micro-Needling device in which we create small channels on the surface of the skin through which the platelet-rich plasma reaches the required depth.

In addition, the method is combined with:

  • Neurotoxin treatment
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • PDO & COG Face Yarns
  • painless and easy.

Why choose Platelet-Rich Plasma Autologous Mesotherapy (PRP)?

The main advantages of PRP treatment are:

  • The long duration of the results
  • Reconstructs the skin in a natural way without altering the expressiveness of the face.
  • Its application is easy and safe. As the plasma injected for treatment comes from the person concerned, the possibility of side effects is eliminated.
  • In addition to enhancing collagen production, the treatment is particularly beneficial to the vital functions of the skin – better nourishment and oxygenation of the skin.
  • It does not “fill” but restructures the wrinkles from the inside out, causing their elimination.
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