How to avoid weight gain? My advice for the current days of quarantine

Dr Maria Eleni Nikolaidou

25 March 2020

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Avoiding Gain Weight

How to avoid weight gain? My advice for the current days of quarantine

“Stay at Home” is the current message. A message that saves lives and the same time prevents the spread of Coronavirus. Although, quarantine can cause weight gain problems.

How to avoid weight gain? What about the recommendation Take care of Yourself”?

This may not sound as appealing as popular diets of the time, but it is more realistic and ultimately effective these days. Paying more attention to ourselves is not the easiest thing, especially in the current situation, when we have responsibility for other people (children, parents, partners). If we collapse, we will leave unprotected, those we worry about.

Οur weight is determined by parts of the brain that work over and under cognitive processes. What we experience and the way we accept and internalize our everyday incidents, is translated into thoughts, and thoughts into feelings, and emotions. Our emotions cause the production of certain chemicals in the brain and into the body, which gives the information to our mind about whether we are in danger/ stress or not. When our body receives the ‘’in danger chemistry’’, will defend itself in the ways it knows, so it’s not easy to lose weight even if we try.

So, what can we do to lose or not gain more weight?

The answer is … a lot!

  1. First of all, try to Relax and don’t put your organism into stress.
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is essential
  3. Consuming Fruits is particularly helpful in boosting our immune system as they are rich in vitamins and carotenoids. Fruits such as orange, grapefruit and kiwi contain a large amount of Vitamin C which has antioxidant activity and helps protect our body.
  4. Vegetables and especially green vegetables provide the body with folic acid, vitamin K and calcium, so their consumption is necessary to boost the immune system.
  5. Lunch should include meat, fish, or beans, which are essential sources of protein and are involved in the action of the immune system. Red meat is an excellent source of iron, but consumption should be limited to 1 or 2 times a week due to saturated fat.
  6. Ω3 and Ω6 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory activity and contribute to the good functioning of the immune system. Fatty fish, olive oil, nuts and eggs are very good sources of these fatty acids.
  7. Hydrate your body and consume at least 1.5L of Fluids.
  8. Try Not to over-eating foods that contain large amounts of sugar, such as sweets, cookies, chocolates, etc.
  9. We do as much Exercise as we can. A daily routine of free online workout programs at home or a walk/run around the neighbourhood is ideal. The more active we are, the higher our metabolism levels, so we burn more!


Just keep in mind that it is a transient situation, from which we hope to get out quickly, and when we get back to normal, we should be in the same physical condition and get into our clothes. Summer is coming!


Dr Marilena Nikolaidou

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