Deep Face Cleansing & Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed on acne prone skin?

But of course deep facial cleansing also has a very important place in the complete treatment of acne. It is the facial treatment that can and is combined before, after or even during the local or systemic medication given by the dermatologist.

Does Deep Cleansing Exacerbate Acne?

You must learn that with the deep cleansing we can drastically intervene in the skin and decongest it from the excess sebum, as a result of which no further inflammations are created on the skin.

Also, any damage to the skin is treated carefully and always specialized. So, deep cleansing not only does not worsen the condition of acne but treats and prevents its development.



How is the skin after deep cleansing?

Immediately after the treatment the skin has a slight hyperemia due to the process which gradually subsides within the first two 24 hours. It always depends on the degree of sensitivity and skin type.

You should know that hyperemia is the one that stimulates the blood vessels from which it is nourished and oxygenated. Therefore when the hyperemia subsides the skin is noticeably improved.

Does Deep Cleansing leave scars on the face or does it affect the size of the skin pores?

When the procedure is performed by a specialized beautician, then it is done with proper handling, so in no case is the skin injured nor does it leave marks.

Unfortunately the size of the pores depends on the amount of sebum produced and not on the cleaning process.

Is makeup allowed after cleansing?

We must emphasize that makeup should be avoided for the next 24-48 hours.

The skin is quite sensitive for the first two 24 hours so any makeup product can contaminate it.

Can I work out?

I’m going to disappoint you but strenuous exercise or anything that can cause intense sweating can irritate the skin. So it would be good to avoid it.

What products can I use?

Avoid creams with fruit acids. Be sure to use sunscreen and some moisturizing, soothing, antimicrobial and regenerating cream.

Can I do deep cleaning alone at home?

Unfortunately if you do not have knowledge about the anatomy of each lesion and the depth you can not do it yourself. You will cause damage and inflammation to your skin which is definitely something you do not want.

What are the stages of deep cleansing?

1. Cleansing the skin with cleansers depending on the skin type
2. Apply peeling if the skin allows, choosing the ideal one for each skin.
3. Steam in combination with ozone.
4. Squeeze carefully and remove the sebum from the open pores (or otherwise black spots). Opening in closed cavities and some “mature” blisters if we are allowed
5. Apply the high frequencies to avoid any infections, cauterizing the inflammations (pimples) especially in cases of acne. They restore the acidity (Ph) of the skin, decongest the sebaceous glands, help eliminate toxins and improve the function of the lymph and stimulate metabolism.
6. We apply a face mask that usually has moisturizing, soothing, antiseptic and regenerative action. The goal is to restore and completely restore the skin.

If we solved your questions and you would like to give your skin a breath, book your appointment and see your skin glow again!

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