Dermal fillers – Injectable hyaluronic acid

Dermal fillers - Injectable hyaluronic acid

Dermal fillers – Injectable hyaluronic acid

What is it & how is it used?

Among the materials that aim at filling wrinkles, facial deficits and general hydration, what has prevailed in recent years is hyaluronic acid. This is a material that has been used very often for several years and has proven its reliability.

Injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) is a type of temporary dermal filler.

Dermal fillers can be used to treat different areas of the face, with specific issues such as loss of volume, deep lines, nose to mouth, marionette and perioral lines, tear troughs-under eye volume loss, including the lips, chin, jaw, cheeks and nose reshaping facial contouring.

Facial fillers are very commonly paired with muscle- relaxing injections. This is particularly effective for rejuvenating the face, especially in young and middle-aged people.

The Dermal Fillers used by doctors and medical professionals such as Juvederm ®, Restylane ®, Thyosial® are approved by International Health Organizations and that have shown their reliability and safety over time

What Dermal Fillers offers, and which is its action?

  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally exist in the human body. It has the form of a transparent gel. It offers
  • Hydration of the skin by binding water. Hyaluronic acid can retain up to 1000 times its weight.
  • Skin moisturizing and maintenance of elasticity. A molecule of hyaluronic acid can increase its volume 18 – 20 times.
  • Skin protection. It produces collagen and new cells.

Complications – Side Effects

When used correctly, it does not deform, is not perceived and does not pose any risk to health. The Oedema  and bruises can be observed  depending on  the treated area.

How long does the effect last?

The effect lasts from 9  months up to 1 year. The more often it is done, the longer the effect lasts.

Very recently Dermal Fillers with a duration of up to 2  years with which we can even shape the shape of the face has been introduced.

Dermal Fillers – Characteristics of treatment

Procedure Time: 10-20 minutes

Anesthesia: Emla (optional)

Back to Work: Immediately

Immediate post-treatment image: Temporary swelling (swelling) and redness at the injection sites

Recovery Time: Immediately

Duration of results: 6 months – 2 years

Tear-trough under eye fillers

The main reason we see dark circles or under-eye bags more intensely is the appearance of the so-called “tear-trough”, a kind of groove, or fold that starts from the inner corner of the eye and extends to the cheek.

Dark circles as a cause of aging, start to appear, on average the 3rd decade, as the soft tissue, as is natural, begins to lose its elasticity and adipose tissue begins to weaken. Around the 4th decade of life (depending on the predisposition of each person) the skin relaxation gradually worsens, and the adipose tissue is reduced more. As a result, the deep bones of the area begin to emerge more.

With tear trough dermal filler treatment, the doctor place specialized, fine in texture hyaluronic acid in this area, restores the lost volume and lift the skin without causing swelling,

Essentially, dermal fillers give a 3D effect that removes shadows, eliminates dark circles and significantly reduces bags.

Non-surgical nose job

The nose is a very special and decisive feature of every person and many wish to correct its appearance. Apart from the well-known surgical correction of the nose (rhinoplasty), there is also a special non-invasive treatment with the use of injectable dermal fillers.

So without the use of the scalpel, we can change the shape the appearance of the nose. This treatment can be applied in many cases such as for:

  • smoothing of the hump of the nose
  • build up a nasal bridge
  • correction of the tip (lift or more prominent)
  • correction of asymmetries
  • strengthening a flat nose

The duration of treatment is 15 minutes, and the results last about a year. The results are immediate, so we can return to our daily activities. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty presupposes that the doctor has experience in this field because, as a method, it has some peculiarities.

The disadvantages of the method are that this is not recommended for all noses, and that the result is not permanent, although it is usually long-lasting.


Non-surgical Facial concurring

Traditionally, dermal fillers have been used to fill in deep lines and wrinkles, adding volume, reducing the signs of ageing and improving the appearance of the skin.

Non-surgical Facial Contouring is a growing trend using advanced techniques  to reshape the face with the use of dermal fillers, with the goal of creating a desirable contoured appearance.

The most common areas to be injected are:

  • Cheeks – to create definition, provide a ‘lift’ and restore the cheekbone prominence
  • Jaw – to create a stronger and more defined jawline
  • Chin – to soften jowls and improve proportions in the lower face including correcting for side profile appearances
  • Temple – to restore smooth contours and create balance in the upper face
  • Lips – to create that irresistible ‘pout’!

there is little to no recovery time and depending on the areas treated, results can last up to 12 months.

Lip fillers

The secret to beautiful natural lips with volume is hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic acid exists in natural form within our body and binds water molecules providing hydration, volume, and firmness to the skin.

With the passage of time, however, its quantity begins to decrease. The ability of hyaluronic acid to retain moisture enables us to offer hydration and volume to the thin and dehydrated lips.

Each person fits a certain lip size in proportion to the rest of the face lines. A good result is a natural result with perfectly symmetrical lips!



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