Choose non-surgical nose reshaping than surgery

The non-surgical nose job is quickly becoming one of the most popular medical procedures that money can buy. Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of dermal fillers to improve the shape and contour of the nose, to even out bumps, add volume to the nose, and define the tip. You may feel like you need a non-surgical rhinoplasty if you want to raise the bridge of your nose, make your nose appear slimmer, or to correct any asymmetry.

Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, it’s a safer, more affordable and less invasive procedure.
It can either be your permanent solution, or an easy way to test out your new look until you are ready for surgery. Gold Angels Aesthetics have developed techniques that produce an instant, graceful and refined result with minimal discomfort and risks.


This procedure is extremely safe, requiring often only local anaesthesia and other than some minor bruising there are no cuts or stitches that need long term recovery time as it only involves an injection into the skin. You can go back to work the same day, whereas traditional nose surgery can necessitate up to 10 days before returning to activity and up to 6 months before the pain and swelling dissipate entirely.
On top of that, because the procedure is temporary there are no long-term scarring risks.


With a non-surgical nose job there is no excessive downtime, no general anaesthetic and no prolonged healing. It’s often called the 15-minute nose job as the treatment involves only dermal filler injections to reshape the nose. The right filler injected by a medical aesthetic specialist can reduce the appearance of any bumps, humps, scars, or other defects. While a non-surgical nose job cannot reduce the size of a large nose, the creation of proportion or smoothing out of contour irregularities can actually make the nose appear smaller on the face.

The results of non-surgical rhinoplasty are immediate and last from eight months to two years depending on the type of filler used. Because the results are temporary, adjustments can be made over time if you want them. With traditional rhinoplasty, the results are permanent and can take a year to become visible.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty patients usually return to work on the same day they’ve had the procedure done. There’s no significant swelling or pain.
On the other hand, surgical rhinoplasty’s basic recovery will typically last about two weeks. Expect to wear a splint on your nose for the first week post-surgery along with some bruising around the eyes.
Knowing the difference between procedures will help you decide which one is the right one for your nose. Time, permanence and of course pain and cost are the major variables between the different procedures and help to lead patients towards the treatment that will best fit in with their life.


At Gold Angels Aesthetics, our expert medical-aesthetic team can help you decide which option suits you best. No one will know you’ve had it done, but everyone will notice your new-found confidence.

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