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Our comprehensive range of treatments and solutions are competitively priced. The required treatment will vary between individuals, so it would be best to discuss this with our aesthetic practitioners.


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Anti-wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injectables (muscles relaxing injections) are one of the most popular ways men and women reverse the effects of ageing and are a quick, safe way to recapture your youthful appearance. They can be used in Forehead, Frown lines between eyebrows or Crows feet.

Forehead, Frown Lines, Crows Feet

One Area £180
Two Areas £250
Three Areas £290
Additional Male Supplement £50
Jaw Slimming/Masseter £350
Neck lift £380

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) £380

Brow lift, Bunny lines, Gummy smile, Peri-oral lines, Down-turned corner of the
mouth, dimpled chin £180 each

Migraine Treatment £350-£450 *

*Medical consultation is mandatory

Dissolving Filler

Dissolving Filler Treatment £250-£300


First Treatment (2 sessions) £580
Follow Up Treatment (1 session) £300

Dermal & Facial Fillers

All dermal filler prices start from those listed and depend on the filler choice.

Lip Filler
0.5ml £250
0.7ml £275
1ml £299

Nasolabial Folds (mouth to nose lines)
1ml £299
2ml £500

Marionette Lines
1ml £299
2ml £500

Cheek Filler
1ml £299
2ml £500

Peri-oral Sculpting (smoker’s lines)
1ml £300

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
1ml £400

Hand Filler
1.5ml £400

Tear Trough Filler
1ml £350
2ml £650

Jawline and Chin Sculpting
1ml £300
2ml £550
3ml £800
4ml £1100

Periorbital Rejuvenation
2ml £600

3ml £800

Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Course of 3 £ 1050
Course of 4 £1350
Single/ Maintenance session £380

Course of 3 £ 1100
Course of 4 £1400
Single/ Maintenance session £420

Face PRP Mesotherapy
Single treatment / Maintenance £250
Course of 3 £700
Course of 6 £1200

1 area: Course of 3: £700
Course of 4 £ £850
Single/Maintenance session: £250
2 areas Course of 3: £1400
Course of 4 £ £1600
Single/Maintenance session: £430

Microneedling (medical-grade treatment by a doctor)

Single treatment £230
Course of 3 £660

Course of 6 £1200

Hydrafacial ( treatment by a doctor)

Single £140

Skin tag removal (by a doctor only )

Single skin tag: from £90-£150 depending on the size
Multiple skin tags: 30min £250

Mole removal (by a doctor only)

Single: £250
Additional: £120 (each)

Nutritional/ Vitamin Therapy *

Chemical peels can reduce or improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin coloring and other skin imperfections. Different chemicals determine the depth of your peel and type of skin condition treated.

vitD shot: im £60
vitB12 shot: im £40
vitB-complex shot: im £60
Biotin shot : im £40
Gloutathione: im/iv £60

The Wellness Myers iv: £200
Fat Burner Plus iv:250
Health Boost plus iv: £250
Skin Brightening iv: £200
Amini muscle/Athletes iv:£250

*All intravenous nutrient therapy requires a medical consultation with a qualified
medical professional to ensure a safe and healthy vitamin infusion.

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