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Tear trough is the area between the lower eyelid and cheek. As we age is possible to experience volume loss in this area which can often cause dark circles and hollows under the eyes.

This is not an uncommon problem and can be treated easily with the right technique and dermal filler product, which quickly and effectively restores lost volume, and reduces dark circles. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles as boost collagen production by hydrating from the inside.

This treatment will give you natural-looking results with a fresher and less tired-looking appearance. 

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Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this treatment as the skin around the eyes needs to be as healthy as possible.

If the skin is thin, this is more susceptible to environmental damage and needs to be treated with extra care and attention.

Before the treatment you should have a consultation with a medically trained and experienced injector to ensure that this treatment is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tear trough treatment using dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are applied via injection in to the under-eye area (tear trough). These substances contain hyaluronic acid (HA) which naturally occurs within the connective tissues, joints and the skin. As we age and HA depletes, replacing it with dermal fillers can not only have a significant effect on the tone, texture and hydration of the skin but can also plump out areas where volume has been lost, reducing the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

This technique should only be performed by an advanced medical practitioner with expert and advanced knowledge of the facial anatomy. Dr. Munir Somji is one of the UK’s leading authorities in aesthetic medicine and has performed thousands of these treatments with superb results. His method is unique as it results in minimal swelling, bruising and virtually no downtime.

How do I know I suitable for tear trough treatment with dermal fillers?

Before dermal fillers for the tear troughs can be administered, Dr. Somji will request that you attend a no obligation consultation. Dark circles can be caused by various lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor sleep, excessive alcohol consumption or a lack of skin hydration and symptoms can usually be treated with dermal fillers. However, health issues such as anaemia may also be the cause of dark circles and this will need to be checked by your GP prior to treatment. Once Dr. Somji is certain that you will benefit from dermal filler treatment in the tear trough area, he will invite you back to the clinic for the procedure.

What happens during tear trough treatment?

The area to be treated will be cleansed thoroughly and you will receive either some topical numbing cream or a small amount of injectable anaesthetic. A micro-cannula will be inserted, usually in the cheek area and this will gently glide under your skin to the area under your eye. The dermal filler will be very slowly injected and Dr. Somji may then use his finger to gently massage and shape the dermal filler in to place. Once he is satisfied of the result, you will be able to return to your daily activities, making sure that you follow any aftercare instructions that are given.

How long does tear trough treatment take?

Tear trough treatment using dermal fillers should take around 15 to 30 minutes but allow 30 to 45 minutes for the topical numbing cream to take its effect if it is needed. As most dermal fillers contain Lidocaine, an injectable anaesthetic, you may not need a topical numbing agent. However, if you are particularly nervous or sensitive, you may choose this option for your comfort.

Does tear trough treatment hurt?

This treatment should not be painful. You may experience some light tugging and pulling which may feel slightly strange, as the blunt ended needle (cannula) is used to glide under your skin and push through tissues (rather than cutting or piercing which can cause bruising) but this should not be uncomfortable.

Is there downtime?

As with any injectable treatment with dermal filler, every patient is unique. You might experience some light swelling and bruising following the procedure which may last up to 5 days but this is rare, most patients are back to normal activity within 48 hours. You may wish to take some arnica tablets a week or so before your treatment and use arnica or aloe-vera gel following the procedure to help with these symptoms. You will be advised not to rub or touch the area and to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, hot baths, steam rooms and saunas up to a week afterwards, to minimise any bruising.

How long will results last?

Everyone is unique in how they respond to the treatment and depending on your lifestyle, results can last anything up to 12 months. If you smoke, excessively exercise or are a frequent sun-goer using no SPF protection, you may find that you may need to return for another treatment sooner.

Dermal fillers for the tear trough area have proven and effective results in giving your eyes their renewed youth, vitality and that wide-awake look that others will envy without the need for invasive surgery and lengthy downtime.

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