What is Perioral Sculpting/ Rejuvenation

A combination of nasolabial, lip and marionette dermal filler injections can transform your appearance non-surgically in just 30 mins.

The perioral region comprises the lower one-third of the face, which consists of the upper and lower lips, the cheek-lip grooves or nasolabial folds, and the chin. As we age, the perioral region ages with time because of volume loss and bone loss in the maxilla and also because of gravity pulling the cheeks and jowls down. The absorption of bone is important since the bone supports the soft tissue of the upper and lower lips. The upper lip lengthens, the philtrum flattens, Cupid’s bow disappears, and the vermilion thins, leaving a flat, thin profile instead of the nice curvature seen in youth. The upper incisors are no longer visible in repose, vertical rhytides deepen and appear, the corners of the mouth droops with gravity and volume loss, and the nasolabial folds deepen, these changes result in a sad, tired look of old age.

The perioral region must be addressed in facial rejuvenation to achieve a complete, balanced, and more youthful appearance.

“Nobody will know, everyone will notice the new you ”


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